The 10 best things I bought this year

I don't buy a lot of stuff. Or at least I'd like to believe so. Though when I buy something, usually a lot of research goes into the purchase – I like my rabbit holes, after all.

So, for a nice end-of-year recap, here are ten things I've purchased this year that brought the most joy.

Who knows, maybe you get some ideas for a last-minute Christmas gift. (No affiliate links and no order.)

Craig Mod's Things Become Other Things

I went fully digital this year with my books (lack of space, mostly), but I had to get Craig Mod's Things Become Other Things. He's one of my favourite writers, and I've subscribed to his membership for as long as it exists. So whenever he releases a new book, I have to get it. Because not only are his words and photos a joy to consume, but the book itself is probably closer to art than any other book I own.

Kitcher Pomodoro Timer as Productivity Tool

This inexpensive kitchen timer may be the best productivity hack there is. I set it to 25 minutes and work for as long as the timer runs, then I take a little break before I start a second timer. And while the timer runs, I focus only on my task.

Not that I need to explain the Pomodoro logic to anyone, but having something hardware versus yet another app helps me even more to stay productive.

Steam Deck OLED

I am surprised by how much I like the Steam Deck OLED. This was a business purchase because, between Chris and I, one of us had to own one.

I didn't use my old Steam Deck that much. Frankly, since getting the Air 1s, I hadn't used it! But all the little changes that went into this update made me appreciate the Steam Deck even more. I'm not yet sure if it turned into my favourite handheld – I am still a tad too reliant on Windows, and I'm a sucker for more performance. But it's up there.

RGNT Scrambler No. 01

This year, I passed the motorbike exam and bought an electric motorcycle. I've always been a massive fan of the Triumph Bonneville, but as an EV owner, I could never really accept having a vehicle with a combustion engine again.

The RGNT is the next best thing, and I have been enjoying random drives through Luxembourg. Unfortunately, I got the license late, and the season ended too soon. But I can't wait to drive more in 2024.

Sony a7c II + SEL35MMF18

Readers of my work may have known I owned a Leica Q2. Well, I sold it. It's still one of my favourite electronic devices I've ever owned. But the Q2 ended up not being the right tool for me anymore since the work I do for overkill is much more video-focused and needs another type of photography.

So I sold the camera to buy a Sony a7c II (and a Sony a7 IV). Paired with the Sony 35mm F1.8, the a7c II is my favourite EDC camera. Even more so than the Q2, because I have learned I prefer 35mm to the Leica's 24 way more.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

I finally got a Peak Design Everyday Backpack (20L) to compliment my new camera gear. And I have to say: why did I wait so long to get one?

I've been a big fan of GoRuck backpacks for everyday carrying, and always thought the Peak Design bags to be a little too bulky, but since getting this new one, I've been converted. This back is fantastic, with so many intricate details. It's probably the closest to a perfect bag. And while I always wanted to design my own, I'm unsure if I would change that much.

Amaran T2c Light

The Amaran T2c Light Tube is technically another business expense, but it's my favourite accessory for video and filmmaking. It's easy to light scenes for photos and create beautiful light plays for video.

I've even used it as a key light in two recent portrait shootings for clients. I may get a few more of these.

Timemore Coffee Scale

My old trusty Hario scale broke, so I had to replace it. While I still want an Acaia scale, I can't see myself spending over 100€ for one. Instead, after some research, I got this one.

And it was a great choice because it's a significant upgrade compared to my old Hario. It registers changes much quicker, which is perfect for pulling espresso shots.
And thanks to its intelligent timer, it's a little easier to do pour-overs. And it charges via USB-C.

Space on a server for this blog

Technically, it's not a purchase but a subscription, but buying space on a server to launch this blog has been fun. Even though I have mostly reshared old blogs these last weeks, I have never had so many people get in touch to tell me they appreciated what I wrote. I can't wait for more blogging in 2024!

Magic: The Gathering Cards

This is my most recent purchase, and everyone into MTG knows this will be ongoing. I'm still waiting for all the cards to arrive, but I have already signed up for a competitive standard tournament at a local shop.