A few blog recommendations

I recently stumbled across the blog of Manuel Moreale, whom I’d consider a capital B blogger. Like the ones from the good old days, before social media companies transformed us into influencers with personal brands. He shares his thoughts, random tidbits from his life, and comments on things by others, and is generally just being a good net citizen.

On his website,, he even has a blogroll. It’s been years since I last saw one. Why did we stop doing that? When did we all start believing we’re competing for attention and stopped recommending good shit made by others?

Alas, through Manuel, I discovered a few more of these capital B bloggers, and here are my favourites:

Motivated by all these blogs, I even revived So, hi!

And if you know any other capital b bloggers, send them my way.

N.B.: I have nothing against people trying to make a living or extra income with their creations — I am, after all, building my own brand, and I’m not that hypocritical. I also subscribe to a bunch of Substacks and pay several other memberships. But maybe we all need a (semi) public space where we can be silly, experiment and create without overhanging thoughts of virality, income generation, or brand building.

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