Short Version

I am Kevin Wammer (rhymes with Summer). I also go by cliophate (/klioʊfeɪt/) online, hence the logo.

I am a 32-year-old multi-disciplinary/multimodal creator from Luxembourg, Europe.

I work as a project manager and data analyst at Luxembourg’s largest newspaper and run a multimedia company where I dabble in different disciplines.

I have been creating online for the last 18 years, and think a lot (an unhealthy amount?) about creativity.

Long Version

Kevin Wammer was born in 1991 (peak millennialism) to an Italian mother and a Luxembourgish father in Luxembourg, Europe. Thanks to these circumstances, he is fluent in five languages.

As a child, he started his first creative endeavour by writing stories in the Winnie-The-Pooh universe on his mother’s typewriter. (These stories are fortunately lost to the world.)

He later got into technology by hacking PSPs for half of his hometown. During his teenage years, he created personal websites before launching a German Apple blog, which later became one of the most prominent players. Thanks to this website, he fell in love with the creative process and later decided to study digital journalism in Cologne, Germany. He is primarily autodidactic (aka, he makes stuff up as he goes).

In 2015, he joined Luxembourg’s largest newspaper, where he started as a journalist before transitioning into digital marketing, where he later helped create the data & insights department for the company.

In 2023, Kevin co-founded overkill Media, a Luxembourg-based multimedia company creating online publications, with Chris Brandrick. Their current flagship product is, one of the leading Gaming publications focusing on handheld PCs.

As the CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Kevin is responsible for major parts of the company, from the administrative side to content, where he works with a team of revolving freelancers to create the best handheld website on the internet.

Kevin has a wide array of interests. He exercises five times a week, reads about a book per week, plays video games on one of his many handheld devices, tries to make the perfect espresso at home, and annoys the living hell out of the housecat. (He’s doing so as he’s typing these words.)

Also, he really wants to help design a bag. Hit him up.