Homescreen July 2024

Thanks to new customization options in iOS 18, and the fact that I decided to kill some of my more expensive subscriptions, I freed up a few slots on my homescreen. This had me rethink how I like to use my phone. And the answer is as little as possible.

But I'd be lying if I said I have complete control over my phone. I don't. Whenever I get bored, I tend to grab the phone and just do an eternal dance of checking my email, checking my socials, checking a dedicated website for a football (soccer for you Americans), checking my emails again, my socials, etc. Thankfully, I've been able to replace a lot of this with the Boox Palma. I still love that device, and even though I've been procrastinating on my book-reading, I've been going through my Readwise queue.

I still try to reign down my iPhone usage, which is represented in how I design my homescreen. (The old one is on the left, and the new one is on the right.)

And in case you're wondering, MacroFactor is my calorie-tracking app of choice and bunq is my banking app of choice.