Comics & Graphic Novels are my latest fascination

I collect hobbies like Ash Ketchum collects gym badges.

The latest rabbit hole I got into is graphic novels and comics. I like to think I am an avid reader, but that reading has been limited to (digital) books. You can follow my progress here.

I've never been interested in your typical Marvel and DC superhero comics, so I wrongly believed that's about it, except for the one or other small zine. Oh, how I've been wrong.

Last weekend, I fell deeply into this rabbit hole: I talked to friends, read 1,000 Reddit threads, looked up a bunch of lists and recommendations, and ended up with an enormous wish list of graphic novels and comics I want to read. I'm currently at about 60 series I want to look at.

On the weekend, I read a few. Some have been fantastic (I loved Limbo and IN.), and others have been very good (Daytripper and Blankets). Currently, I'm reading American Gods in comic form. I loved the book, liked the show's first two seasons, and enjoyed the comics so far.

I'm currently reading all of them digitally. While I still love the idea of a physical library with books, graphic novels, comics and my own notebooks, I don't have the space. I'm using YACReader on my (11") iPad Pro. The experience is ok. It's a great app, but I am unsure if the iPad is the best device for this. Sure, it's probably the best screen I can currently use until OLED iPads drop, but it's still heavy. I'm torn between an iPad mini and the Boox Note Air 3c, fully knowing that it has much fewer colours — though that's something I find charming.

This now makes it hobby #75837490.