Some thoughts on online monetization

All this talk about AI and changing search results lead to me brainstorming alternative ways to make a living as an online content creator.

My disdain for ads is no secret, but until now, I've seen it as a fair way for readers to consume content for free and for creators to continue producing it. I might not like them, but they used to work.

However, I believe the impact of AI and the changing landscape (it's only a question of time before Google decides to copy Arc Search and stop sending traffic) will make this unsustainable.

If people want to continue enjoying their favourite creators, it won't be sustainable anymore for them to do so for free — ads will only work for huge companies at the extreme end of the creator's bell curve. On the other end, I believe you will find people supported by their fans.

This is why I'm brainstorming how to keep overkill going. And I believe a paid offer for those who can support creators, mixed with other monetization methods, is the way to go.

I believe there may be a place for small websites like this to make a dime with micro-subscriptions via Ko-Fi or Patreon.

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